The University of New South Wales (UNSW) features Creative Einstein and its founder, Alice Ju. Watch our Creative Geniuses in the UNSW international campaign below. Click here for the full campaign.


“Ten years from now, my students will be working in industries we can’t envision, so I don’t teach them answers. I teach my students how to discover the answers themselves.”

– Alice Ju (founder of Creative Einstein)

Congratulations to our amazing students!

2020Opportunity Class

Aurelia Jeffrey (228)

Helen Han (223)

Daniel Xu (223

Jayden Wang (214)

Kelvin Guo (209)

Jason Shin (197)

Herbert Chen (193)

Renee Zhao (193)

Jedreck Lin (192)

Jason Huang (189)

Anunzul Yasar (189)

Nathan Chen (189)

Matthew Wu (188)

2020 Selective High School

Max Lum (250)

Oliver Banh (248)

Emidori Lum (241)

Pearl Zhang (221)

Alice Tse (220)

Jolin Zhang (205)

Ryan Shannon (191)

Ryan Huo (189)

Kirsten Pham (187)

2019 Opportunity Class

Jack Stark (230)

Oscar Jin (217)

Tanvi Kishore (213)

Dennis Chen (203)

Amanda Han (200)

Joseph Liu (195)

Prasab Gupta (191)

Ryan Liang (190)

2019 Selective High School

Carolyn Chen (North Sydney Girls High School: 242)

Brandon Banh (North Sydney Boys High School: 238)

Isaac Liew (North Sydney Boys High School: 233)

Sooyeon Kim (Sydney Girls High School: 233)

William Brownlie (Sydney Technical High School: 214)

Byran Budiarifianto (Caringbah High School: 206)

Jason Shannon (Caringbah High School: 201)

Charles Wang (Sydney Technical High School: 200)

Li-ke Shi (Granville Boys High School: 200)

Mickey Liang (Alexandria Park Community School: 191)

William Nguyen (Moorebank High School: 189)

2018 Opportunity Class

Max Lum (245)

Emi Lum (242)

Sarah May (221)

Oliver Banh (209)

Chris Zhu (200)

Benjamin Thomas (185)

2018 Selective High School

Grace Shen (James Ruse Agricultural High School: 254)

Louis Yan (James Ruse Agricultural High School: 246)

Eugenia He (Sydney Girls High School: 229)

Patrick Endicott (Fort Street High School: 219)

Rachel Huang (Sydney Secondary College: 196)

Cecile Chen (Tempe High School: 193)

Andrew Lin (Sydney Secondary College: 189)

Austin Chen (Tempe High School: 188)

2018 Scholarship

Grace Shen (Meriden: 100% scholarship)

Grace Shen (SCEGGS: 100% scholarship)

Louis Yan (Rosebank College: 100% scholarship)

2018 Volcano Art Prize Winners

Celeste Chen (Campsie Public School)

Emi Lum (Earlwood Public School)

Grace Shen (Balmain Public School)

Jedrick Lin (Campsie Public School)

Jenna Freed (St Paul’s of the Cross Primary School)

Louis Lin (Holy Innocents Public School)

Mark Ju (North Sydney Boys High School)

Ryan Huo (Dobroyd Point Public School)

Sophea Wang (Beverly Hills North Public School)

William Nguyen (Casula Public School)

Richard He (Sefton High School)

2017 HSC

Jacky Liao (Sefton High School: 98.75)

Jeffry Yang (St Andrew’s Cathedral: 95)

Peggie Li (Kingsgrove North High School: 92)

2017 Selective High School

Mark Ju (North Sydney Boys High School: 250)

Kylie Liu (North Sydney Girls High School: 244)

Richard Ma (North Sydney Boys High School: 234)

Brandon Wang (Fort Street High School: 214)

Amy Qie (Sefton High School: 190)

Melody Wang (Sefton High School: 188)

2017 Opportunity Class

Charlotte Cao (240)

Brandon Banh (212)

Bryan Budiarifianto (206)

Chloe Gu (201)

Carolyn Chen (198)

Li-ke Shi (188)

NSW average score: 180

2017 Volcano Art Prize Winners

Cecile Chen (Campsie Public School)

Sophea Wang (Beverly Hills North Public School)

Scarlett Tran (Dulwich Hill Public School)

Lik-Ke Shi (South Strathfield Public School)

Mark Ju (Summer Hill Public School)

Cherry Qin (Belmore Public School)

Brandon Banh (Beverly Hills North Public School)

June He (Belmore Public School)

Celeste Chen (Campsie Public School)

Oliver Banh (Beverly Hills North Public School)

Gabrielle Lee (Tempe High School)

2016 Selective High School

Raymond Liu (219)

Tiffany Zhu (200)

Allannah Wadey (199)

Matthew He (193)

Rafael Tan (189)

 2016 Opportunity Class

Grace Shen (Balmain Public School: 234)

Louis Yan (Ashfield Public School: 233)

Aaron Li (Earlwood Public School: 244)

 2016 Volcano Art Prize Winners

Li-Ke Shi (South Strathfield Public School)

Janice Leelapat (Haberfield Public School)

Mark Ju (Summer Hill Public School)

Cecile Chen (Campsie Public School)

Brandon Banh (Beverly Hills North Public School)

Caitlin Ngo (St Vincent’s Primary School)

Lola Huo (Harcourt Public School)

Celeste Chen (Campsie Public School)

William Nguyen (Casula Public School)

Alex Weng (Campsie Public School)

 2015 Selective High School

Alice Wang (213)

 2015 Opportunity Class

Bridgette Hu (Holy Innocent Primary School)

Mark Ju (Haberfield Public School)

Sarah Trinh (MLC)

Kylie Liu (Kogarah Public School)

 2015 Volcano Art Prize Winners

Alessandra Sackey (Undercliffe Public School)

Sophia Lin (Haberfield Public School)

Caitlin Ngo (St Vincent’s Primary School)

Mark Ju (Haberfield Public School)

Linda Wang (Campsie Public School)

Grace Lin (Haberfield Public School)

Jia Yi Chen (Campsie Public School)