Success Stories

Creative Einstein would like to extend its congratulations to our High Achievers. Their outstanding results showcase hard work and dedication of students and teachers.
Congratulations to our amazing students!

A huge thanks to CE for looking after both our boys from Year 1. Your WEMG courses helped them develop the knowledge and exam confidence to get into OC and with your help they are both at North Sydney Boys.

- Banh Family

My son is now enjoying school because of Creative Einstein's nurturing way of teaching. Thank you for inspiring him to study and get into Earlwood OC.

- Liu Family

I will be forever grateful to CE for challenging me and helping me get into James Ruse, and a full scholarship to Meriden. Now I need to decide which offer to take!

- G. Shen

Once is a fluke; three times is undoubtable result. Thank you for teaching all three of my children and getting them all into Selective Schools.

- Wang Family

Ms Ju has given me the motivation to strive for the best in all subjects. No textbook can teach this!

- S. Thet

My son would not have a full scholarship to Rosebank College without coming to Creative Einstein. I'm so grateful to have found this tuition.

- D. Yan

We're so happy to have found CE. Your WEMG, Trial Test classes and retest sessions helped our twins reinforce their understanding. Thank you for helping our children get into Earlwood OC and Selective High School.

- Lum Family

My daughter's teacher was concerned about her writing. After two terms in CE writing class, she got the Writing Award at the end of year Assembly!

- Y. Liu

The CE Trial Test was really helped me understand my mistakes and helped me get an offer to study at North Sydney Boys High School. Thank you Creative Einstein for helping me succeed!

- I. Liew

Thank you Mrs Ju, for not just teaching me how to get the answers but showing me how to do it myself. No teacher can ever replace you.

- K. Ly