Opportunity Class Test

This year the OC exam will be held on Wednesday, August 1, 2018.  There are two parts in the exam: Part 1  and Part 2. Each part contains 35 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. In the placement test, there are 70 questions altogether: 20 questions in reading, 20 in mathematics and 30 general ability questions.

Congratulations to our amazing students who achieved excellent marks in the OC test and were offered OC placements this year. See our Student Achievement.


“We came to you because my son was failing maths, now he’s in the highest maths group and on track for OC!” 

– Rachel M. (son in year 4)


Sample Test    

Part 1          Part 2          Answers

2001 Test

Part 1          Part 2          Answers

2002 Test

Part 1          Part 2          Answers